Chef s Suggestions

(w. White Rice)
H1. Triple Delight
Jumbo shrimp, beef and chicken sauteed together w. broccoli, snow peas and Chinese veg.
H3. Beef and Scallop
Sweet tender sea scallops and tender beef w. baby corn, broccoli, snow peas & Chinese veg.
spicy H4. Shrimp & Scallop w. Garlic Sauce
Jumbo shrimp, scallops w. bamboo shoots, celery and waterchestnuts in hot garlic sauce.
H5. Dragon and Phoenix
Jumbo shrimp and chicken w. broccoli, snow peas, baby corn and straw mushrooms in Chef’s special sauce.
H6. Happy Family
Jumbo shrimp, roast pork, scallop, beef and chicken w. broccoli, snow peas and straw mushroom.
H7. Seafood Combination
Jumbo shrimp, scallop, lobster, snow peas, carrot, broccoli, straw mushroom and baby corn.
H8. Four Seasons
Jumbo shrimp, roast pork, chicken, beef sauteed together with broccoli, snow peas& Chinese vegetables.
H9. Seafood Pan Fried Noodle
Pan fried noodle topped with jumbo shrimp, scallop, lobster and mixed vegetables.
H10. Rainbow Scallop
Fresh scallop w. broccoli, snow peas, baby corn, straw mushroom, red pepper and carrot in Chef’s special sauce.
H11. Lemon Chicken 8.95

Szechuan & Hunan Cuisine

spicy H12. General Tso's Chicken 9.25
spicy H13. Sesame Chicken 9.25
spicy H14. Sesame Beef 9.95
spicy H15. Crispy Orange Chicken 9.25
spicy H16. Crispy Orange Beef 9.95
spicy H17. Hunan Chicken 8.75
spicy H18. Hunan Beef 9.50
spicy H19. Hunan Shrimp 9.75
spicy H20. Hunan Scallops 9.95
spicy H21. Hunan Delight (Beef & Chicken) 9.95
spicy H22. Szechuan Chicken 8.95
spicy H23. Szechuan Beef 9.95
spicy H24. Szechuan Shrimp 9.95
spicy H25. Kung Pao Chicken 8.95
spicy H26. Kung Pao Beef 9.95
spicy H27. Kung Pao Shrimp 9.95
spicy H28. Kung Pao Scallop 9.95
spicy H29. Chicken w. Garlic Sauce 8.95
spicy H30. Beef w. Garlic Sauce 9.95
spicy H31. Shrimp w. Garlic Sauce 9.95
spicy H32. General Tso's Tofu 8.25
spicy H33. Ma Po Tofu 8.25
H34. Moo Shu Veg. w. Pancakes 8.45
H35. Moo Shu Chicken or Pork w. Pancakes 8.45
H36. Moo Shu Shrimp or Beef w. Pancakes 8.95